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PerúSAT-1 Capacity Building

PerúSAT-1 Capacity Building

Airbus Defence and Space has developed an overall training approach adapted to Peruvian teams of space technology experts.


As part of this training, 50 Peruvian engineers from CONIDA and their families arrived in Toulouse, for a unique professional and personal adventure in Airbus facilities. Spending between 9 and 16 months here, they learnt all about satellite technology and operations. Airbus and CONIDA teams were working towards one common goal: Making sure that Peruvian engineers gain the necessary knowledge, expertise and confidence to successfully operate and maintain all of the PerúSAT-1 systems independently.

The collaboration with the Airbus engineers is excellent in every way. They are always taking care of our concerns, requests and requirements, establishing direct and unrestricted communication with our team."

Ing. Barrueto Edgardo, Satellite Manager



I have participated in other space programs, and I can say that technologies, such as laboratories and quality standards used by Airbus Defence and Space are at the highest level.

Dr. Ing Martín Sarango, System Manager


In mid-September 2015, the team completed five months of studies at the “Space School” engineering institute. Then, a dedicated training in system operations prepared the engineers for the specialist role they will play in the programme. In solid hands-on experiences with the PerúSAT-1 project engineers, they will be deeply involved in setting up the ground segment on-site and controlling the entire system.





With PerúSAT-1, we will be able to properly manage our resources, to better plan the growth of our cities, and we will also be able to provide accurate information for proper intervention against the consequences of climate change.

MSc. Ronal Barrrientos Ing, Product Assurance Manager



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