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A global leader in Space manufacturing for over 50 years

Whether we’re peering into the infinite beyond or looking back at Planet Earth, mapping every star in our galaxy or counting trees in Amazonia, we’ve always been helping to answer the big questions. Our space technology has had an exponential impact on our daily lives, from the way we conserve to how we connect. It’s no wonder the world’s most inquiring minds have us on speed dial.



Over 100 Telecomand almost 50 Earth Observation Satellites launched
1,400 Accumulated Yearsin orbit since 1965 by our Satellites
Building 900 Satellitesfor the Largest ever Constellation
For over 50 Yearsa Global Leader in Space Systems Manufacturing



A Preferred Supplier Worldwide

Airbus Defence and Space is a technological pioneer and the global market leader (2015) in Telecommunications Satellites.

We are also a preferred supplier of Earth Observation Systems for European institutions and national space agencies, and the #1 supplier of such solutions for international customers.

We can provide all critical elements needed to successfully implement a comprehensive Satellite Navigation system. In addition, all European navigation payloads are built by us.

Solutions for the Infinite Beyond

Always striving to make the impossible possible: Airbus Defence and Space continuously push the limits of Space Exploration.

We are a global competence centre for all Human Spaceflight related activities, microgravity facilities and robotic space applications.

With decades of experience in the design, development and production of both standard and customised Space Equipment, we are paired with an impressive track-record of in-orbit missions.

In its first four variants, our Ariane Launchers put half of the world’s commercial satellites into orbit. Ariane 6 will allow Europe to continue reaching for the stars.

One of the largest space systems manufacturers worldwide, we are well known for the outstanding reliability of our products. In short: We deliver the best value in Space.

SpaceData Highway

Via EDRS-A and EDRS-C communication relay satellites, the SpaceDataHighway will be able to transfer information...


Supplier of choice for commercial satellite imagery, C2ISR systems and related services with unrivalled expertise in satellite imagery acquisition...

Earth Observation

For a weather-independent data source, high-frequency revisits, very-high-resolution imagery or even all of the above in a single system...

Space Exploration and Science

From missions like the comet-chaser Rosetta, to the fundamental physics demonstrator of LISA Pathfinder...


Top Stories

Airbus-Built Satellites Support „Disaster Charter“ Response to Flooding in Peru

According to the “International Charter Space and Major Disasters’s” website, the Charter was activated on March 31, 2017, as Peru was undergoing devastating floods. CONIDA is project managing this Charter call in its entirety a variety of satellites such as the German radar satellite TanDEM-X (a part of the Airbus Constellation). In the effort of creating change detection maps, recent archive imagery from CONIDA’s own PerúSAT-1 (built by Airbus) and SPOT-6, a valuable reference.

SSOT/FASat-Charlie Celebrates Five Years in Orbit

Airbus Defence and Space developed the SSOT Earth observation satellite for the Chilean Air Force (FACh), in order to access high-quality satellite imagery. In Chile, the spacecraft is commonly known as "FASat-Charlie". It was launched on 16th December 2011, hence celebrating its fifth anniversary in orbit. Read more about this success story.

Space talk

PerúSAT-1: "This Dream Became Reality"

“Our expectations with regard to the images from PerúSAT-1 have been totally satisfied”
The Peruvian Space Agency CONIDA trusted Airbus to design and manufacture its first Earth Observation Satellite: PerúSAT-1. In the course of this project, a team of over 60 engineers from Peru has come to Toulouse for an extensive training programme. These experts are now in the best position to tell you the complete success story.

Click here to learn more about it!

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